The Zombie's Formula is the Throwing Gadget by MatthewGo707.


It is a test tube with the green liquid.


  • Virus Infection Virus Infection = Allows this gadget to infect the enemy that is hit by the said gadget.
  • Poison Mines Poison Mines = This gadget has the capability to stick to surfaces when fired, and then deal damage overtime to players if in contact with their projectiles.


When used, you throw this gadget and it turns into the green slime that emits the poisonous gas.


  • The gas cloud that forms after being fired is useful for covering corridors and entrances.
  • Take advantage of its "Virus Infection" attribute, but be careful not to do it yourself as you will commit possibly the suicide.
  • The weapon is effective for weakening enemies, making them easier to kill.


  • Avoid both the shots and the gas cloud once it has been deployed.


  • This is the only gadget to have Poison Mines and Infection attribute.
  • Its function is exactly the same to that of the Molotov Cocktail, but with poison mines