[Page Name Here] is my weapon. Put a small description on what this weapon is. Not all info goes in the introduction.

NOTE: The introduction is the only obligatory section. All sections below are optional, but a description, appearance and a couple of tips are rather highly recommended to make your weapon seem more interesting to the readers. Also, if your weapon is incomplete and you're willing to expand later, add the {{Stub}} template on the top of the page. It is advised to add the weapons category.

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Description Edit

A brief overview, description and summary of what the weapon is.

Appearance Edit

A detailed analysis of how the weapon looks.

Strategy Edit

Tips Edit

A list of tips on how to use effectively.

Counters Edit

A list of pieces of advise on how to kill others who use it.

Skins Edit

Add a list of skins available for this weapon.

Attachments Edit

Add a list of attachments available for this weapon.

History Edit

Add a backstory to the weapon here.

Weapon Setups Edit

What other weapons to equip along this one to be the most effective.

Trivia Edit

Insert a list of unimportant facts for this weapon here.

Gallery Edit

Insert Gallery here (optional).

4-Gauge Guide

Instead of textually displaying accuracy, you can use the graphic versions of the accuracy of the weapons. Note that the file names are under "Gauge".

  • Gauge100 76-100%.
  • Gauge75 51-75%.
  • Gauge50 26-50%.
  • Gauge25 0-25%.
This outline is the normal and empty outline. If still misguided, you can use the second outline to know where exactly to put some of the input. Also, note that either outline must be pasted to a source editor.
{{Infobox Weapon

'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a [[:Category:|]] weapon created by [[User:|]].

== Description ==
It is a...

== Appearance ==
It appears to be...

== Strategy ==

=== Tips ===

=== Counters ===

== Skins ==

== Attachments ==

== History ==

== Weapon Setups ==

== Trivia ==

== Gallery ==
{{Infobox Weapon
|image1 = <!-- Upload a file of how the weapon looks like -->
|creator = [[User:|]] <!-- If you are the one who created this weapon, then add your username. If not, add the original creator's username. -->
|attributes =
*{{Attributes|}} <!-- After the pipe (|), add the name of the attribute -->
*{{Attributes|}} <!-- After the pipe (|), add the name of the attribute -->
*{{Attributes|}} <!-- After the pipe (|), add the name of the attribute -->
<!-- You can also remove attributes if the weapon has less than 3 attributes. You can copy "*{{Attributes|}} after each line to add more attributes -->
|type = <!-- Add the weapon category here -->
|grade = {{Grade|}} <!-- After the pipe (|), add the weapon's grade -->
|released = <!-- You can add the real or fake release date of the weapon here -->
|efficiency/_damage = <!-- You are free to add the damage/lethality/efficiency of this weapon here -->
|fire_rate = <!-- Add the weapon's fire rate here -->
|capacity = <!-- Add the capacity of this weapon here -->
|mobility = <!-- Add the mobility/weight of the weapon here -->
|accuracy = <!-- Add how accurate this weapon is -->
|range = <!-- Add the ranges that are suitable for this weapon -->
|cost = <!-- Add the weapon's cost here -->
|level_required = <!-- Add the level that the weapon is gonna be unlocked at -->
|upgrades = <!-- Add upgrades here -->
|theme = <!-- If the weapon has a special theme, add it here -->
|supported_maps = <!-- Add the maps that are suitable for this weapon here -->

The '''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a [[:Category:|]] weapon created by [[User:|]]. <!-- In here, add a small intro of the weapon here -->

== Description ==
<!-- Add a brief description and overview of how the weapon looks, performs and if its statistics are good or not. Delete if N/A -->

== Appearance ==
<!-- Describe the detailed appearance of this weapon here -->

== Strategy ==

=== Tips ===
*<!-- In here, tips on how to use this weapon should be added here -->

=== Counters ===
*<!-- In here, counters of people using this weapon should be added here -->

== History ==
<!-- In here, describe the origin of this weapon and how its made, whether its real or fake. Delete if N/A. -->

== Trivia ==
*<!-- In here, add unimportant facts and trivia about this weapon -->