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The Veteran's Rifle is a Primary weapon added in the 4.0.0 update of Pixel Gun World. It is awarded for all previous Pixel Gun World players, as well as players who have preordered the game.

 Appearance Edit

It has a brown receiver, carrying handle, pistol grip, stock, and handguard with a variety of shaded brown tape attached around the weapon. It also features a brown grenade launcher, black front iron sights, barrel, and a flash hider.

When the grenade launcher is fired, a 40mm grenade can be seen fired from the tube, it takes the appearance of one from the Grenade Launcher.

The player can use the grenade launcher by pressing the Primary weapon slot weapon (on PC) or by the left directional pad on consoles.

Strategy Edit

It is a great starter weapon, dealing good damage, and having decent ammo capacity and average mobility.

Tips Edit

  • It lacks a scope and is pretty inaccurate when firing for prolonged period of times, meaning that it can be difficult killing enemies at longer ranges without burst firing.
  • Use the grenade launcher at a group of multiple enemies.
  • If at close range, spraying bullets has a high rate of fire. Charge at opponents while firing continuously to maximize effectiveness.
  • Aim for the head to maximize damage.

Counters Edit

  • Use a sniper rifle or a weapon that deals area damage.
  • Anticipate whenever the user switches to the grenade launcher, and quickly strife to left or right to avoid getting hit.

Attributes Edit


Grenade Launcher: Fires 40mm grenades from the grenade launcher that deals area damage to enemies.

Area Damage: For the grenade launcher.

Upgrades Edit


Theme Edit

Military themed.

Supported Maps Edit

  • Paradise Resort
  • Big Barge

Weapon Setups Edit

Bring an accurate weapon due to its high spread.

Trivia Edit