Semi-automatic energy sniper rifle. Lasers ricochets off of solid object, perfect for sniping montages.
—Weapon description

The Trik-Shot is a Sniper weapon added in the 12.X.X Snipers vs. Shotgunners update. It can upgraded to the Trik-Shot Up1.

 Appearance Edit

It has a dark grey collapsible stock with a black buttplate, and cheek rest, which is connected to to the body of the weapon.

The body is mainly dark grey, with a black top receiver, a dark teal magazine, a grey pistol grip, and a black scope. The railguard is grey with black side rails, and contains a red battery canister, which fires red lasers out of the grey barrel.

The lasers will ricochet 3 times, and will pierce through any enemy.

Strategy Edit

For a sniper weapon, it is well balanced, sporting decent damage, an average fire rate for a sniper weapon, an average capacity and high mobility.

Tips Edit

  • Aim for the head to maximize damage.
    • If it's hard to hit the head, try aiming at center mass.
  • It can be used to hit multiple enemies at once if they are lined up or if a laser ricochets onto an enemy such as in tight hallways.
  • Finish players off with a fast firing weapon.

Counters Edit

  • Avoid getting hit by the lasers by moving and jumping often while attacking the user.
  • Flank the user, then use a melee weapon or a shotgun to quickly kill them.
  • If engaged in a sniper battle, try ducking in and out of cover, as it cannot pierce through objects.

Attributes Edit

Single Shots


Ricochet: Ricochets off of objects 3 times before disappearing.

Piercing Shot

Upgrades Edit

Trik-Shot Up1

Theme Edit


Supported Maps Edit

Weapon Setups Edit

Have a backup weapon when enemies are attacking up close.

Trivia Edit

  • It is the first sniper rifle to feature the Ricochet attribute.