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The creator of this concept wants this content to appear both in Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World.
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The Tranquilizer Sniper Rifle is the Sniper weapon by MathewGo707.


  • It is a sniper rifle with a syringe-like ammunition with blue liquid. On the receiver is the 4X scope. and under the receiver is the front grip. At the back is the recoil stock.


It has medium damage, above-average fire rate, high capacity (due to the large ammunition shaped like a syringe), and high mobility.


  • Headshot is a must for this weapon to deal more damage.
  • Strafe while using this weapon so people cannot hit you while firing.
  • It offers high mobility, making it effective when strafing around enemies and traversing long distances. The mobility is the same as the Elder Force Saber.
  • It has a large ammo tied with below-average fire rate.


  • Try strafing around the user while firing a Primary weapon.
    • You can also prevent them from moving by using the Singular Grenade or a weapon that can slow down targets.
  • When hit by bullets from this weapon, you will be slowed down tremendously, and to prevent your opponent from outmaneuvering you, using a high mobility weapon like Dark Force Saber or Killer Whale and 0xbadc0de to boost and propel yourself away.
  • An automatic weapon with superior firepower like the Laser Assistant and Grenade Launcher Assault Rifle would easily defeat users.
  • When slowed down, use a Sniper to quickly dispatch users and recover from the slowdown effect.
  • Constantly try strafing; the fire-rate of the weapon, and the tiny area of damage makes it hard for your opponent to hit you. Keep in mind that as soon as one of the darts hits you, you'll be severely damaged, and slowed down.
  • The Bullet-Proof Vest counters this weapon as it is immune to all negative weapon effects.

Firing SoundEdit

  • Wyvern's (Minimized by 50%)


  • Medical-themed


  • It oddly resembles the German MP 40 Submachine Gun.
  • Normally, the syringe weapon is used to be injected directly to the person, but this weapon is ranged as it has an instant-travel time projectiles.
  • It is the cheapest of all Sniper weapons, costing only a meager 50 Coin.
  • Originally, this weapon is supposed to be able to heal your teammates. However, that feature never made it pass beta. It was probably removed due to balancing reasons.
  • Its efficiency was updated in 15.8.0 update.