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The Tactical Warfare is the Primary weapon by MatthewGo707


  • It is a remix of the Extreme Warfare, with the front bipod, silencer, the 4X scope, and the laser sight.


It has great damage, fire rate, capacity and mobility.


  • Aim at the head to deal more damage.
  • Take advantage of its fire rate.
  • This can be used to pick off severely damaged enemies.
  • Use mainly in dogfights, especially in short-medium ranges.
  • This can be a good makeshift sniper weapon due to its scope and high firing rate. It can take out any very mobile distant enemies or beyond that a basic sniper rifle that can take out.
  • It is useful for finishing off an enemy doing uncommon moving patterns.
  • This can prove helpful when against an opponents armed with a shotgun.
  • It is very accurate and thus is good when picking off enemies at long range due to its precision and can eliminate unarmored opponents in a few shots. This advantage can allow you to eliminate even snipers, albeit with only 4X Zoom.


  • Jump and strafe to avoid getting hit.
  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Use an area damage weapon on its users, as these weapons will easily blast its users.

Firing soundEdit

  • Black Mamba's


  • Soviet/WW2-themed


  • It is based on the Soviet PPSH-41 submachine gun, developed in 1941.
    • (Пистолет-пулемёт Шпагина; "Shpagin machine pistol")
  • Essentially, it is an enhanced version of the Extreme Warfare due to:
    • Higher damage, with the cost of expense.
    • Higher accuracy.
    • Its significantly-reduced recoil.
    • Higher mobility.
    • Its ability to snipe enemies with the 4X scope.
    • Having a laser guidance tool (the laser sight).
    • Having a silencer.
  • Its bipod became usable in 15.3.0 update.