Semi automatic shotgun. Fires flechette rounds that are able to travel farther and more accurately than buckshot.
—Weapon description

The Tactical Shotgun Up1 is a Primary weapon added in the 12.X.X as part of the Snipers vs. Shotgunners update. It is the first and final upgrade of the Tactical Shotgun.

Appearance Edit

The weapon can be seen sporting a navy blue camo on the entire weapon.

The weapon features a navy blue retractable stock connected to the pistol grip, with a black receiver, handguard, magazine tube, and barrel.

It also features a laser sight mounted at the bottom of the magazine tube, which projects a green beam, a reflex scope mounted on top of the receiver, and a compensator mounted at the end of the barrel.

When fired, mini flechette rounds cannot be seen, unlike the yellow tracer projectiles from other bullet-based weapons.

Strategy Edit

Like its predecessor, the weapon does moderate damage, and has a moderate firing rate and decent mobility.

Tips Edit

  • Use this weapon at close-medium range combat, the tightened spread of the shotgun can help with medium ranged combat.
    • However, the tight spread could be a problem at closer ranges.
  • Aim for the head for maximum damage.
  • Use the untraceable projectiles as an advantage and perform fast, hit-and-run attacks on the enemies.

Counters Edit

  • Pick off users at long range.
  • If engaged within close quarters, try outflanking the user.

Attributes Edit

Shotgun: Fires a spread of projectiles, instead of a single round.

Flechette Rounds: Fires mini steel arrow-like projectiles instead of buckshot, which increases accuracy and range at the cost of damage per pellet.

Upgrades Edit

N/A (Final Upgrade)

Theme Edit


Supported Maps Edit

  • Pool Party
  • Sniper Fortress
  • Paradise Resort

Weapon Setups Edit

This weapon can serve as a backup weapon for any long-range play styles.

Trivia Edit

  • It is based on the Benelli M4 Super 90 semi-automatic shotgun.
  • It is the first shotgun to fire flechette rounds.
  • When reloaded, the user will always load 8 shells into the tube, regardless of its current ammo capacity.
  • It was significantly buffed in the 15.0.0 update.