Not to be confused with the Sniper Forts.

Sniper Fortress is a multiplayer map added in the 12.X.X update, for the game mode: Snipers vs. Shotgunners.

Appearance Edit

The map takes place in a barren desert, with a village at the Shotgunners' spawn and a barricaded compound at the Snipers' spawn, in between is a grassland with trees. The blue stained glass represents the map's barriers, the green stained glass panes represents energy shields.

Shotgunners' Spawn Area Edit

The Shotgunners' spawn consists of a back road, where an escort three trucks and three jeeps can be seen. The lead jeep has been blown up and flipped over, blocking the road and causing the convoy to halt. The Shotgunners spawn in the back of the two trucks seen in the map.

Snipers' Spawn Area Edit

The Snipers' spawn is located in random areas of the compound; in the backyard, the garage, inside the main building, on the crow's nest, on the roofs, or outside.

Village Edit

The village has multiple houses of different sizes around the map, it also consists of some farms and a grave yard located at the church on the east side of the map. In the middle, there is a parked car with a few crates. There are multiple energy shields around the village, most of which are in clear sight of the Snipers.

Grasslands Edit

The grasslands mainly consists of acacia trees, which could provide cover for the advancing Shotgunners.

Snipers' Compound. Edit

The compound is surrounded by a stone brick wall with barbed wire on top, however many sections of the walls are in disrepair, leading to many entrances for the Shotgunners to pass through. Inside, it has many pieces of cover lying around in the outside areas of the building.

The main building on the ground floor consists of a van, shelves and a staircase leading to the to the second floor, which contains a variety of furniture and several open windows and cracks in the walls. On the rooftop, there is a hole that leads to the basement, an AC unit, and a pair of chairs and a table.

The garage contains a pick-up truck with multiple different objects at the sides of the garage, including lockers, shelves, and a workbench. It has several openings and a ladder that leads to the rooftop of garage. On the roof, it has several pieces of debris acting as cover.

At the back of the compound, the Snipers' objective can be seen inside a circle of cover.

Soundtrack Edit

Sniper Fortress Soundtrack
Desert Tensions - Igor Dvorkin, Duncan Pittock, Ellie Kidd

Trivia Edit

  • Several villagers can be seen inside and outside the map (this was not intentional).

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