The Sniper Carbine is a Primary weapon by MatthewGo707.


  • It is a standard assault rifle.


It has strong damage, high fire rate, mediocre capacity and good mobility.


  • It is very accurate and thus is good when picking off enemies at long range due to its precision and can eliminate unarmored opponents in a few shots. This advantage can allow you to eliminate even snipers, albeit without a scope.
  • This can prove helpful when against an opponents armed with a shotgun.
  • If particularly gifted in the ways of accuracy, the Sniper Carbine can become a fearsome long-range weapon, allowing the user to carry a more situational weapon in the Special slot such as the High Voltage.
  • It is useful for finishing off an enemy doing uncommon moving patterns.
  • This can be a good makeshift sniper weapon due to its scope and high firing rate. It can take out any very mobile distant enemies or beyond that a basic sniper rifle that can take out.
  • It can be used to heavily damage on some heavily armored players or picking weakened enemies off.
  • Because of the sheer accuracy, it is very ideal for assassinating someone in place of a loud sniper rifle.


  • However, it isn't particularly efficient when surrounded, as the low spread will make clearing out all enemies quickly more difficult. Making it a not a good choice for a crowd control.
  • Users can use this as a makeshift sniper weapon due to its scope. So take them out with the same weapon or a reliable sniper weapon to take them out quickly before they can kill or heavily damages you.

Firing soundEdit

  • Semi-auto Sniper Rifle's

Origin by CountryEdit


  • It is based on the Indonesian Pindad SS2 Assault Rifle .
  • Despite being named as "Sniper Carbine", it has no scope. However, it is attributed to its sheer accuracy.