Dual wielded custom pistols. Loaded with .45 AP rounds; packing more penetration against armored enemies.
—Weapon description

The Silver Twins is a Backup weapon introduced in the 15.5.0 Cops and Criminals Black Market update. It can be upgraded to the Silver Twins Up1.

 Appearance Edit

Both guns have a stainless steel body with black grips, large triggers, mounted 2x sights, a long slide, an under mount laser sight, and a flash hider.

Strategy Edit

It deals decent damage, and has a decent fire rate, capacity, and mobility. This is also paired with its moderate accuracy and short range.

Tips Edit

  • It is effective it used at close-medium range.
  • Due to its accuracy and spread, it is recommended to aim for center mass to maximize damage output.
  • If engaging at longer ranges, it is recommend to use the scope and to aim for the head.
  • Use its armor piercing rounds to weaken armored players, then finish them off with a fast firing weapon.
  • This can be used to pick off melee users. If you are lucky to kill them easily with it.
  • Be careful when battling outdoors, as it suffers from short range and its ammo capacity can chew through its reserves fast.
  • Strife around the user while firing.

Counters Edit

  • Attack the user at long range.
  • Area damage weapons and shotguns make quick work against users.
  • Try backing away while firing your Primary weapon while jumping.
  • Flank around the user with a melee weapon and aim for the head.
  • Attack the user while they are reloading.

Attributes Edit

  • Single Shots
  • Armor Piercing: Deals 18% more damage to armor with a -10% damage penalty to health points.
  • Scoped
  • Laser Guidance

Upgrades Edit

Theme Edit


Supported Maps Edit

Weapon Setups Edit

Use these as back up weapons for a Sniper or Primary weapon.

Trivia Edit

  • They are somewhat based off of the AMT Hardballer with a long slide.
  • They are considered a spiritual successor to the "Fugitive".