Fully automatic next generation rifle developed by Centurion Armament. Custom CEX-436 Grenade Launcher fires smart grenades, which detonates upon contact with the enemy.
—Weapon description

The Shadowmaker Up2 is a Primary weapon introduced in the 15.0.0 update. It is the second and final upgrade of the Shadowmaker.

 Appearance Edit

It appears as a dark rifle with an underbarrel grenade launcher.

It has a black stock with a grey butt, and a silver buffer tube. The body is mainly dark, with a dark brown upper receiver and a black lower receiver with the Centurion Armament logo on the receiver, and the words "Centurion Armament Inc." on the side of upper receiver. It also has a black pistol grip, a grey magazine, a black 4x combat sight with orange wires, and grey rear iron sights.

The weapon als features a black handguard, with a front iron sight, and a grey barrel with a muzzle.

The grenade launcher is mainly black, with a black tube, and fires dark brown grenades with a light blue tip, which only detonates until a target touches it or after 8 seconds.

Strategy Edit

It does decent damage and has a high rate mobility and fire rate but has a lower magazine capacity than most weapons.

The grenade launcher does devastating damage, but has a low fire rate, one shot magazine, and a short range.

The player can switch between the rifle and the grenade launcher by tapping on the weapon icon

Tips Edit

  • The weapon is effective at all ranges, use the scope if engaging enemies at longer range however.
  • The grenades are contact detonator ones similar to the Toy Bomber, this can be useful for covering an area from enemies.
    • This is great for setting up traps around corners
  • The grenade launcher can be used as a backup weapon when the rifle is out of ammo.
    • However, due to the low ammo capacity, this is only advised as a last resort.
  • Use the grenade launcher at a group of multiple enemies.
  • Due to its short capacity, reload often after every battle.

Counters Edit

  • Use a sniper rifle or a weapon that deals area damage.
  • Pay attention to the user when engaged in a firefight with him/her, if the weapon is at an angle, move away from the user.
  • Bunny-hop around the user when he's/she is firing grenades.
  • Avoid the grenades on the ground and try to flank around the user.
  • Avoid small and close range areas, as these mines can instantly kill you quite effectively as if many mines are nearby.

Attributes Edit


4x Zoom

Grenade Launcher: Fires grenades from the grenade launcher that deals area damage to enemies.

Contact Detonator: (Grenade Launcher only).

Ricochet: (Grenade Launcher only).

Upgrades Edit


Theme Edit

Centurion Armament themed.

Supported Maps Edit

  • Paradise Resort
  • Secret Base

Weapon Setups Edit

Use a melee weapon with high mobility to traverse through the map quickly.

Trivia Edit

  • According to the weapon description, the CEX-436 grenade launcher was developed by Ranger Ordinance.
  • It is the next generation rifle for Centurion Armament's Special Deployment Force during Operation: Catalyst.