Semi-automatic marksman rifle. Integrated suppressor dampens the sound of each shot.
—Weapon description

The Secret Forces Marksman Rifle Up1 or the SFMR Up1 for short is a Sniper weapon added in the 12.X.X. update. It is the first upgrade of the Secret Forces Marksman Rifle and can be upgraded to the Secret Forces Marksman Rifle Up2.

Appearance Edit

The weapon has a black stock, receiver, handle, railed handguard, and suppressor. The weapon also has a black scope mounted on top of the weapon, a grey magazine underneath, and a piece of tape attached to the stock of the weapon that reads '127'.

Strategy Edit

The weapon does moderate damage but makes it up for it with its decent fire rate, magazine capacity, mobility, and accuracy, as well as having suppressed shots.

Tips Edit

  • The weapon is perfect for a stealth-type playstyle, such as hiding in dark corners or high places while avoiding being detected by enemies.
  • The weapon works well in medium-long range combat, as the decent fire rate can be effective in these type of ranges.
  • Try taking cover or run away from the enemy if spotted.
  • Use a fast firing weapon to finish players off.

Counters Edit

  • Sneak up on players who are sniping in one position and use weapons such as the Casanova or the Combat Carbine to chew through their armor quickly.
  • Take cover when randomly fired upon, or run away and scan through the battlefield for any users.

Upgrades Edit

Secret Forces Marksman Rifle Up1

Secret Forces Marksman Rifle Up2

Theme Edit



The old model of the SFMR.

Supported Maps Edit

  • Mansion Lockdown
  • Sniper Forts

Weapon Setups Edit

This weapon, paired with other suppressed weapons can make an effective stealth loadout, some weapons to consider are the Casanova and the Dual Hitman Pistols.

Trivia Edit