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Salvadore "The Bull" Vitale is the character in PG3D. He is the four-star general in the army He is well known for killing many enemies at once, considering his skills.


  • He is a middle-aged man with the semi-bald dark-brown hair.

Early LifeEdit

  • Little known is about his early life as almost everything about his childhood is undocumented.

Joining the ArmyEdit

  • He enlisted there as a soldier, as he wished. In the process, after several years being there, he became a sadist towards the enemy organizations that killed his fellow soldiers. For being a sadist, his fellow men admired his character and later he was promoted to General rank.

During the warEdit


  • Salvadore "The bull" Vitale is a sadist in terms of his character in frequent times, as he dreams destroying the enemy organization, thus he will laugh maniacally whenever he finally turns the enemy organizations into nothingness. Aside from being sadistic in nature, he became concerned with his fellow soldiers, who are sympathetic to him.


Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Height: 185 cm (6'01")
  • Weight: 83 kg (183 bs)
  • Blood type: A


  • He is one of the personnel who commanded Col. Frederick N. Carr
  • He loves collecting guns as his prize souvenir.