The Riot Control is a Primary weapon created by BastionMann.

Appearance Edit

The weapon takes the form of both a riot shield and a shotgun.

The shotgun features a grey grip, a light grey magazine, receiver, and pump handle. It also features a black under barrel and barrel.

The shield can be seen with a grey frame, with a plexiglass glass window embedded in the black base of the shield. On the base, the word 'RIOT' is printed.

Strategy Edit

It does medium damage, low rate of fire, low capacity and low mobility.

Tips Edit

  • It has a shield, use for protect the user from any damage.
  • The shield can prevent the piercing shot and ricochet attribute, this weapon is a good choice for blocking a piercing shot or ricochet weapons.
  • Aim for the head to maximize damage.

Counters Edit

  • Even it can blocks the piercing shot and ricochet, the Wall break weapons still can penetrate through the shield.
  • Attack the user from behind.
  • Use an Area damage weapons to pick off the user.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first weapon to include a shield.
  • This weapon was inspired by the Chendler Pistol from the Russian Half-Life's mod called "Half-Life Weapon Edition".

Gallery Edit