The Radioactive is a Heavy weapon created by BastionMann.

Appearance Edit

Retail Model Edit

It is a bazooka. It has a lime green body, a green handle, a dark yellow nozzle, 2 metal rings, a radiation symbol and a 4x scope from the right side.

It also has words "RADIOACTIVE MK.II" and a red eyes skull from the left side and a word "Caution" from the right side.

Classic Model Edit

It is a simple bazooka. It has a lime body, a green handle and a skull is on the right side of the weapon.

Strategy Edit

It has great damage, very low rate of fire, very low ammo and slightly low mobility.

Tips Edit

  • Use this to damage groups of players, then finish them off with a rapid-fire weapon.
  • Do not use this weapon to rocket jump due to very high damage (Up1) and large splash damage.

Counters Edit

  • Try to avoid the rockets as much as possible, whether you dodge it or hide behind cover. Try to minimize damage.
  • Attack the user while they are reloading.
  • avoid crowding when one encounters a user. As this weapon is a good crowd controller.

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