The Power Gauntlet Up2 is a Melee weapon added in the 13.4.0 update. It is the second and final upgrade of the Power Gauntlet.

Appearance Edit

Whenever I can use MagicaVoxel...RIP

Strategy Edit

It can do moderatedamage or can deal very high damage, depending how long the weapon was charged. It also has a pretty short charge time, and has decent mobility.

Tips Edit

  • Aim for head to maximize the damage.
  • Try to only spam-tap the weapon when attacking users at point-blank range.
  • Try to keep this weapon at full charge, as it is capable of creating a large blast radius in front of the user.
    • This is the most effective when charging up while backing up, then releasing it when attacking. Keeping any melee users at bay.

Counters Edit

  • Keep a ranged weapon to pick off its users.
  • This weapon, when spam-fired, has an attack speed of 95. Stay out of range when at all possible, and always return fire.

Attributes Edit

Melee Charge Shot

  • No charge/ 0 seconds held: Basic punching action.
  • Low charge/ 0.1- 0.9 seconds held: Basic punching action, deals slightly higher damage.
  • Medium charge/ 1-1.7 seconds held: Punches deal more damage, and creates a minor energy blast.
  • High/Max charge/ 1.8-2.2 seconds held: Punches deal max damage, and creates a larger energy blast.

Upgrades Edit


Theme Edit

Laboratory themed.

Supported Maps Edit

  • Knife Party
  • Mafia Cottage

Weapon Setups Edit

Have a weapon with a longer range.

Trivia Edit