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The Portable Shocker is the Special weapon by MatthewGo707.


It is a standard flashlight with the thunder emblem on the left side.


It has high damage, good capacity, fire rate, and mobility.


  • Aim for the head of targets to maximize damage.
  • This weapon is perfectly accurate at long range. This can be used to eliminate snipers, albeit with difficulty without a scope.
  • It has a large amount of capacity, but use it wisely when attacking groups of enemies as the ammo can be drained very quickly.
  • This weapon always travels directly down the center of the crosshair. Be sure to aim first at opponents before taking aim to conserve ammo.
  • Take advantage of its excellent mobility.
  • Use this at fast/mobile players so that they can be slowed down, then finish them off with a stronger weapon.
  • Capacity is quite high, but however runs out quite fast, so its best to conserve ammunition for attacking potential enemies.


  • Move around a lot and stay mobile, or even rocket jump if you need to. The weapon's pinpoint accuracy can be a disadvantage when fighting against mobile opponents.
  • If you have to retreat, do so while returning fire, as the Electric Arc offers high mobility to chase you down with.
  • Equip armor if you can/already haven't. This weapon will mow down unarmored opponents in the blink of an eye.
  • Be sure to find cover to avoid getting burnt to a crisp (common sense really).
  • Most enemies don't stop firing the weapon when attacking groups of enemies, so avoid the laser beam as good as possible and attack when the enemy has to reload.
  • Its area damage is minimal, so it is easy to avoid it, except if the user is using it like the Electric Arc.
  • Avoid engaging its users from close ranges since you will be slowed down and that you are unlikely to escape unscathed.

Firing soundEdit

  • High Voltage's


  • It is based on the real-life stun flashlights.
    • In real life, it is illegal to possess the stun flashlights, as this is considered as the harmful weapon.
    • You will be arrested especially if you are stunning anyone near the police.
    • In the real world, continuously firing the stun flashlight against one person will result to instant death.
  • When killing another user in Multiplayer, they will turn to ashes and crumble into pieces. The same animation is used for Frag Grenades and some other pyromaniac weapons.
  • This is relatable to Heavy Shocker, due to its high fire rate and same firing sound.
  • You reload by just simply replacing the battery, like Pet Dragon in terms of reloading animation.


Portable Shocker 1
Portable Shocker 2