Plastic Brick Deployer is a Special weapon created by JustLeafy.

Description Edit

It is a small gun completely made using red plastic bricks. It shoots 12 2x2 red plastic bricks that can kill any player in one shot when deployed on the floor. However, when shooting directly at a player, it won't deal them damage, unless if they step on it.

Appearance Edit

It appears to be a small handgun completely made out of red plastic bricks. The nozzle is thick and the magazine is a cube "containing" red plastic bricks.

Strategy Edit

Tips Edit

  • Use this only in close range. It's impossible to get a long range kill.
  • Use this in Two Castles and Silent School indoors. That way, players may not notice the plastic bricks on the floor and may accidentally step on them and die.
  • Do not use this weapon to directly hit at players. They won't take any damage, unless if the plastic brick falls on the floor and the player steps on it, accidentally.

Counters Edit

  • Look at the floor and see if any plastic bricks are on the floor.
  • Step away from users using it, and fight them in a longer range.

Attachments Edit

  • Red plastic brick iron sight

Weapon Setups Edit

Equip a long range weapon. It only performs well on close range, and best in interior and narrow situations.

Trivia Edit

  • I can't find a trivial fact. Oh wait, nevermind, here is one:
    • 12 plastic bricks can't realistically fit inside the gun.
  • Here's another one: JustLeafy has taken this screenshot on a red carpet.