Our main goal is to have the best conception wiki about both Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World on the entire web. Users can start creating new conceptions here.


Pixel Gun Conception Wiki is a(n) unofficial/fan website maintained and administered solely and entirely by volunteer fans who receive no compensation, monetary or otherwise, for contributing to, maintaining, or administering Pixel Gun Conception Wiki. Pixel Gun Conception Wiki is for sharing Pixel Gun conceptions, and it currently has 1,609 conceptions. The Pixel Gun Conception Wiki staff is, in no way, affiliated with or endorsed by the Pixel Gun Company.

Any user, registered or not, has the ability to create conceptions, add files and edit them, as long as they won't ruin their conceptions. All users are welcomed to help on building Pixel Gun Conception Wiki to the fullest by creating conceptions, discussing about them, and most of all, have fun. If you are a fan of either Pixel Gun 3D, or Pixel Gun World (or both), and you would like to share conceptions, then this wiki is the perfect wiki for you.