Non-Pixel Gun Stuff or Bastion's Other Stuff is a stuff that Bastion made, but not related/included to either Pixel Gun 3D or World.

H7 CSMG Edit

H7 CSMG (stands for Compact Sub-Machine Gun) is a submachine gun manufactured by unknown company.

Description Edit

H7 is a machine pistol-like submachine gun with a combination of MSMC submachine gun, IMI Uzi Pro and HK MP7 in appearance.

The main cartridge of this weapon is 12mm CSMG Standard. Also, this weapon is compatible with 9x19mm Parabellum. MP5 magazine is compatible to this gun.

Glock Custom A3 Edit

Glock Custom A3 is a modified version of Glock 18

Description Edit

The modified version of Glock 18, with a large compensator and a long 30-rounds box magazine.

Its rate of fire is almost identical to assault rifle's such as Steyr AUG.

Amanita (Hitman Pistol remake) Edit

Amanita is a recreation of the Hitman Pistol from Pixel Gun.

The weapon is based on Beretta 92.

X-Barrett Edit

Black Python (Desert Eagle remake) Edit

Black Python is a recreation of the Desert Eagle Up1 from Pixel Gun.

The weapon is based on IMI Desert Eagle.

Old Revolver (Old Revolver remake) Edit

Army Rifle (Army Rifle remake) Edit