Military variant of the Sheriff's Piece. Suppressed shots and high rate of the fire perfect for silent crowd control.
—Weapon description

The Nightcrawler Up2 is a Primary introduced in the 15.2.0: Night Ops Update. It is the second and final upgrade of the Nightcrawler.

 Appearance Edit

It has a dark brown finish, with a dark brown stock, a grey butt and a grey cheek pad. It also features a grey pistol grip, receiver, and a black straight magazine.

On top of the weapon, it features grey iron sights with a top rail, and on the bottom, the weapon features a handguard, with a silver barrel and a large grey suppressor.

Strategy Edit

It does moderate damage, and has an average mobility and a low ammo capacity, but has high fire rate.

Tips Edit

  • It is very deadly up close, as the fast firing rate can rip through groups of enemies, especially for low leveled players.
  • Try ambushing players, such as flanking them or hiding behind cover.
  • Use the suppressor to your advantage and attack out of dark corners or beside doors.
  • Due to its ammo capacity and high rate of fire, one could run out of ammo relatively quickly.
    • Reload out of battle to avoid getting caught off guard.
  • Using with the Stealth Bracelet can make a deadly combo, especially in close quarters map.

Counters Edit

  • Pick off the user at long range.
  • Stay clear of dark areas and corners as users my camp there.
  • If caught at close range, back off while attacking to minimize damage.
  • Attack the user while they are reloading, use grenades if they are in cover.
  • Area damage weapons can help kill users at close range.

Attributes Edit

  • Shotgun
  • Automatic
  • Silent

Upgrades Edit


Theme Edit

Military themed.

Supported Maps Edit

Weapon Setups Edit

Paired with any suppressed Sniper weapon such as the Lustful Vengeance, it is perfect for close range engagements.

Trivia Edit

  • According to the description, it the is military variant of the Sheriff's Piece.
  • It is the third automatic shotgun introduced in the game, the others being the Devastator and the Minigun Shotgun.