The Newbie Gun Nine Thousand also known as "Newbie Gun 9000" is a joke Heavy weapon created by BastionMann. It is a counterpart of the Bastion Gun Eighteen Thousand.

Appearance Edit

Literally. It is a newbie weapon. It has a brown hair, a red head band, 2 wide-opened eyes, a brown beard, a red shirt, dark gray gloves, a gray belt with a gold button, a navy blue pants, and dark gray shoes.

It has a mouth wide open (more like a dislocated, unhinged jaw), a dark red hole can be seen in its mouth where is projectile come from.

It also has a gray base, a black handle, a red button as a trigger and a scope behind its head.

Strategy Edit

It has a ridiculous statistics. It wasn't over 9 thousand yet.

Tips Edit

  • Shoot anywhere to kill enemies in one hit.
  • Use it to escape from any situation.
  • It has a scope. So it can be used to snipe enemies.

Counters Edit

  • There is no way to attack against the user yet.
  • Use a cheat against the user. However, you're gonna get banned for using it anyway.
  • Attack them with X-Ray weapons.

Trivia Edit

  • Originally. It was created during 2017 April Fool's Day.
  • This weapon is no longer on sale after BastionMann quit making conceptions. Thus, breaking its life cycle.
  • This weapon is not funny anymore.
  • Has become a meme for Pixel Gun community (for Spanish people).

Sound Files Edit

Player dead

Firing Sound.

Gallery Edit