Both PG
The creator of this concept wants this content to appear both in Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World.
Both PG
The Newbie's Helmet is the Hat by MatthewGo707.


  • It is the white, tall paper cap with the word "DUNCE" written around it.


  • Prevents the reduction of your trophy points when you lose the game, but instead increase your Trophy points by 3-5.
  • Greatly boosts your rewards in multiplayer (even if you lose the game) and singleplayer (Arena and Campaign).
  • Annuls the effect of the self-destruction penalty in Multiplayer.
  • Tremendously decreases Rocket Jump damage.



  • Use this if you are prone to losing.
  • Take advantage of its ability, since you will not lose trophy points when you lose, but slightly increasing your trophy points instesd of boosting it.
  • Use this if you frequently rocket jump.


  • Never be fooled by its looks, as its effect is the complete opposite of the looks.


  • It is the only Accessory that prevents the reduction of Trophy points during defeat, boosts your reward in multiplayer and as well annuls the in-game ability to create the self-destruction penalty if the user commits suicide.
  • It is based on the dunce cap.
  • Its price was used to cost 400 Gem due to its advantages, but fortunately it was massively nerfed to the meager 60 Gem.
  • Despite being named "Newbie's Hslmet", it is actually the paper cap, but for gameplay purposes it is not important.
  • Many players make fun of its users simply because they are wearing it, but contrary to popular perception, it has abilities that is fully advantageous.