The Mob Tracker is the Heavy weapon by MatthewGo707.


It is a green bazooka with the green texture and yellow stripes. It has the guiding system.



  • Try firing the rocket from a safe place away from the battlefield, such as behind cover and not out in the open. As the user is vulnerable to enemies while controlling the rocket.
    • Otherwise, the user will lose control of the rocket when they die.
  • Unlike the Stinger's rockets, the Judge's rockets are very maneuverable, and can turn very well.
  • The rocket will automatically detonate after 8 seconds from initially firing, make sure the rocket hits an enemy before then.
  • This weapon can be used for long ranged surprise attacks by guiding the rocket from behind the user.
    • This weapon can be also used for taking down Jetpack users.


  • Move away from the rocket while taking sharp turns and bunny-hopping.
  • If possible, try taking sharp turns through doorways.
  • Stay out of open areas if a Judge user is present.




  • It is relatable to Judge.
  • It resembles the Stinger and Judge combined.


Mob Tracker 1
Mob Tracker 2