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The Military Pumper is the Primary weapon by MatthewGo707.


  • It is a large combat shotgun with dark textures. It features the black stock, receiver with a useless switch-fire button and the light-gray label printed on it, and the two barrels with a pump hold on the second barrel. On the receiver is the sights that does not serve any purpose for a moment. Under the receiver is the 30-round 12-gauge magazine.


It deals massive damage, below-average fire rate, high capacity for a shotgun, and high mobility.


  • Aim at the head to deal more damage.
  • This weapon offers the margin of error due to its high capacity for a shotgun, so use this even if you are in berserk mode.
  • While its capacity is large for a shotgun, it has higher reserve capacity as well, in case you try to aimlessly fire enemies.
  • Have a long range weapon in case someone tries to backpedal from you if you equip this weapon.
  • While it has 120 (or 75) mobility, it may not be the best weapon for getaway purposes. Nonetheless, it is fairly good though for such a purpose.
  • Do not fire this weapon in long range as its accuracy becomes worse as time goes by when holding the fire button.
  • Use this to severely damage heavily armored enemies, enemy Mechs and turrets (or similar).
  • Use the speed-reducing effect-causing weapons to prevent its users from approaching you, but beware that skilled players can know how to dispel that effect.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Any long-range and area damage weapon can easily take care of its users.
  • Do not ever try to encounter its users in close range due to its high damage it deals. If you do, Rocket Jump to disorient its user and get away.

Firing SoundEdit

  • Shotgun Pistol's


  • Military-themed


  • It oddly resembles the Russian Saiga-12 shotgun, hence its appearance.