Medic's Bazooka Edit

This article isn't finished, it has just been created. Please tolerate and wait. The Medic's Bazooka is a Heavy weapon created by TheProGuy502 . It was added in the X.X.X update.

Appearance Edit

It is a reskinned Apocalypse, but the bazooka is black, with a red plus sign.

IMG 20170721 114907

The Medic's Bazooka in game.

Background Statistics Edit

Efficiency: 11

Grade: Legendary

Rate Of Fire: 72

Capacity: 4/20 ( max. 60 in reserve)

Mobility: 100

Cost: 150Gem

Upgrades: Medic's Bazooka UP1

Medic's Bazooka UP2


4x zoom

Single- reload (if the capacity is 3, the player will put inside 1 rocket instead of 4)

Area Damage

Healing (heals teammates and the player ( but player still takes damage if rockets hit the shooter))

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