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The list of attributes introduced by MatthewGo707.

MatthewGo707's Attributes Edit

  • Ban Ban = "Bans" the enemy when hit by a weapon that has this attribute.
  • H-Bomb H-Bomb = It is a feature that can feature the massive explosion and colossal damage that is more greater than that of Radiation Radiation, 50 times (dependent on some weapons) larger in area damage than the Heavy ones.
  • Separate Shots Cluster Shot = It is similar to Separate Shots Separate Shots but its bullet splits into six equal halves (similar to how shotguns work though it shoots 12-16) followed by repeat.
  • Effect Absorber Effect Absorber = ALL (except wall break and piercing shot) negative effects caused by weapon or gadgets are nullified.
  • Effect Absorber Effect Inverter = Reverses the weapon's negative effect into the effect advantageous to the user of the "Effect Inverter" attribute.
    • Poison Poison will be transformed into Healing Healing

    • Bleeding Bleeding will be transformed into Healing Healing

    • Anti-Regen Anti-Regen will be transformed into Healing Healing

    • Poison Poison will be transformed into Healing Healing

    • Blinding Blinding will be transformed into nothing

    • Curse Curse will be transformed into nothing

    • Gadget Blocker Gadget Blocker will be transformed into nothing

    • Lifesteal Lifesteal will be transformed into Healing Healing

    • Armor Depletion Armor Depletion will be transformed into Armor Boost Armor Boost

    • Particle Break Particle Break will be transformed into nothing

    • Shock Shock will be transformed into nothing

    • Stuns Targets Stuns Target will be transformed into nothing

    • Virus Infection Virus Infection will be transformed into nothing

    • Weakness Weakness will be transformed into nothing

    • Armor Depletion Armor Depletion will be transformed into Armor Boost Armor Boost

    • Charm Charm will be transformed into Damage Boost Damage Boost

    • Radiation Radiation will be transformed into Healing Healing

    • Note: the word nothing means that the effect will be transformed into no effect at all.

  • However, it does not affect the following attributes:
    • Piercing Shot Piercing Shot
    • Wall Break Wall Break
  • If this attribute is added to the weapon, then the following are the result:
    • Healing Healing will be transformed into Anti-Regen Anti-Regen, Poison Poison, Healing Healing, and Bleeding Bleeding
    • REArmor Bonus Armor Bonus and Armor Boost Armor Boost will be transformed into Armor Depletion Armor Depletion
    • Resurrection Resurrection will be transformed into Curse Curse
  • Radiation Uranium Rounds = Inflicts large area damage that deals heavy damage on entities.
  • Laser Guidance Laser Missile = Shoots lasers that homes in the enemy that is aimed by the user.
  • Automatic Fire Rate Boost = Boosts your weapon's fire rate.
  • Damage Reflection Projectile Deflection = Acts like the Shield Shield, but effectively Ricochet Ricochets ALL projectiles (including the wall-break and area damage projectiles). If the area damage projectile is about to hit directly to the shield with this feature, then the projectile will just simply rebound, deviating the user's desired effect. This advantage also applies to instant-travel time area damage projectiles wherein when it is hit to the shield, it will do the same as it was done by the travel time area damage projectiles. It is useful for deflecting the Wall Break projectiles as well, defeating the Wall Break's purposes. However, the weakness is that if the user is attacked from behind or was hit within the blast radius. It can even effectively block Anne Marie Lindholm's mini exoskeleton (which enhances her speed and strength, capable of busting through metal security doors), hence simply ricoheting her exoskeleton in the process, hence making her damaging herself in the process.
  • Haunting Dizziness = Makes your enemy look dizzy, by spazzing the enemy's movement controls, effectively diminishes the enemy's walking balance as if he is stoned (slang for "intoxicated").
  • Joke Weapon Joke Gadget = The gadget with funny-looking, overpowered (or underpowered) stats.
  • Radiation Overcharge Penalty = It is the attribute wherein the user overcharges this weapon by holding the fire button even after the charge is set to max for extended amount of time, the weapon explodes, killing the user and severely damage the players within the radius.
    • NOTE: Exclusive for Charge Shot Charge Shot weapons.
  • Invisibility Camouflage = Acts like the Invisibility Invisibility but does not show the clusters of specks at all, permitting 100% stealth.
  • Cooldown Reduction Cooldown Reduction = Reduces the gadget cooldown by the selective percentage.
  • Demonic Boost Covenant = Doubles your weapon/gadget damage but halves your defense points.
  • Homing Missile Heat-Seeking = Allows the rockets to home in enemies with medium-high heat.
  • Damage Boost Aggression = Tremendously increases ALL your weapon's damage, fire rate, capacity (and its reserve) and mobility, as if boosting the morale of yourself and teammates (if with area of effect).
  • No Reloading No Reloading = The weapon with that attribute no longer needs reload for a limited amount of time (if influenced by a gadget with such an attribute).
  • Particle Break Effect Break = Bypasses the enemy's defensive abilitie, no matter how effective.
  • Demonic Boost Invulnerability = Allows you to be immune to ALL attacks and negative effects.
  • Critical Damage Headshot Bonus = Deals more additional points (depending on the percentage) when the enemy is hit in the head by the weapon.
  • Slows Down Target Status Nullifier = All stat increases (such as weapon's stat-boosting ability) by one (or more if within the area of effect). player is nullified. (From Persona 5 game).
    • The following stats are nullified by this attribute:
      • REArmor Bonus Armor Bonus
      • Speed Boost Speed Boost
      • Armor Boost Armor Boost
      • Accuracy Boost Accuracy Boost
      • Ammo Replenish Ammo Replenish
      • The same goes for the wear with stat-increasing features.
    • However, it does not affect the player/s equipped with weapons/gadgets have Effect Absorber Effect Absorber.
  • Rain = Summons the raining weather, therefore reducing the flamethrower-based (if it emits fire) weapon's damage by 30%.
  • Sleeping = Makes the enemy to LITERALLY sleep (renders the user unable to move) within 5 seconds.
  • Rockets Projectile Boost = Speed up your weapon's projectiles by selective percentage.
  • Mind Control = Allows you to control the enemy's mind, that is, controlling their weapons, movements and their gadget use. However, you can control only ONE enemy at a time.

Decommisioned Attributes Edit

  • Ghost Detection = Allows you to see emmies through walls. Superseded by

both X-Ray Vision X-Ray Vision and X-Ray Vision X-Ray.

  • Switch Fire = Allows you to switch fire into either semi-auto or automatic fire.
  • Effect Remover = Annuls the enemy weapon's debuffing (or stats-increasing) effect (Poison, Healing, Armor Boost, Lifesteal, and Bleeding, to name a few), therefore allowing you to receive only fhe projectile damage without side effects. Superseded by Effect Absorber Effect Absorber.
  • Shotgun Slug Round = This is an attribute wherein a shotgun pellets travel in the same trajectory, acting like a sniper weapon, as it is suitable for long range attacks. The weapon with such an attribute fires s tightly-packed shotgun pellets which does not spread, unlike the Shotgun Shotgun, allowing the weapon for long range attwcks. Superseded by Single Shots Single Shots, though in some weapons shoots multiple shotgun pellets in a straight line.
  • Wall Break Noclip = Allows you to pass through walls as if you are a ghost. Superseded by the Ghost Ghost attribute.
  • Ballistic Shield Ballistic Shield = Renamed into "Projectile Deflection".

Note(s) Edit

  • Anyone can use any of these attributes for their respective weapon suggestions.
  • If you want to see the attributes not created by me, then here it is: BastionMann's attributes.