"Once activated, the Seeker will quickly crawling towards to the enemies and blow them up"

The Human-Seeker Snark or simply "HSS" is a tools gadget created by BastionMann.

Appearance Edit

Standard version Edit

It is a green drone with a green radar on top. It has a green body, a white panel, a red dot, 4 legs and 3 dynamites under the drone.

Christmas version Edit

It look like the standard version, but the color was changed to red and a radar was replaced by a Santa hat.

Strategy Edit

It targets the nearest enemy only, and the enemy blows up after approach.

Tips Edit

  • Use it at nearby players.
  • Use it when there are multiple players.
  • Make sure that the enemy is in sight, otherwise it will move forward and potentially explode.
  • Take into consideration the 1-second activate before using it, otherwise a player could be killed while activating it, wasting the gadget.
  • The gadget is useful for having players retreat from their current position, potentially making them vulnerable from attacks.

Counters Edit

  • Stay far away from it.
  • It does NOT have health, so shooting it won't do anything.

Trivia Edit

  • It's function is similar to the Clockwork Nutcracker.
    • However. It doesn't fly, but instead it crawl towards to the enemy.

Gallery Edit