Hugo "The Animal" Binneso is the character by MatthewGo707. He is the (now incarcerated) hit man in PG3D series.

Appearance Edit

He is a stout man wearing a dark businessman clothes. He wears the dark-brown shoes and has a red tie. He has the fair skin and the dark-brown hair.

Personality Edit

He is tsundere (being initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing a warmer side over time.), being both happy and angry. Nevertheless, he has trouble in his anger management, as a result of his company's breakdown in 2008, and later becoming a sadist at that time.

History Edit

Raised in Los Angeles, he was the son of the businessman and a housewife. He lost his mother by death only when he was in fourth year high school because of the school shootout. That school shootout had killed over 20 people, most of which are students and the faculties. He was deeply angered as a result of the shootout. During his high school and college years, he performed academically well, as he studied for his chosen course = Business Management. There, he received a diploma as he passed the whole academic requirements for his college works. Later in 1995, he started the business named "Best Friend Corporation", which focuses on finances. However, after 13 years, his business is about to collapse due to the financial crisis in October 2008, followed by the complete dissolution of that corporation later on. Angered, he became a hit man. Following 9 years, he was finally arrested for murder for over 10000 people. As a result, he was sentenced to long-term prison sentence.

Physical Description Edit

  • Height: 175 cm (5'09")
  • Weight: 82 kg (180.8 lbs)
  • Blood type: B

Weapons Edit

  • Grenade Launcher
  • Anti-Hero Shotgun
  • Combat Carbine
  • "Phantom Surge"

Trivia Edit

  • Despite him being a human, he has "The Animal" (actually his nickname) in his name.