• The Hellfire is a Primary weapon created and introduced by Ender Creeper14.

Appearance Edit

It has high damage, high fire rate, good capacity, and low-average mobility. It is a light machine gun that is painted in all red. It has a bright red fore grip, hand grip and trigger, stock, and front iron sight. It has a custom-made "mag attacher" that clips on the medium red magazine box and holds it in place. The weapon has a dark red body, muzzle, and EOTech Sight with a bright red reticle.

Tips Edit

  • It performs area damage, use it for dealing with multiple enemies at a time.
  • This weapon also has a 4x zoom EOTech sight, use it to engage enemies at further ranges.
  • Due to its high fire rate and high damage output, it can take out enemies quickly.
  • It has a lot of ammo, so you do not have to worry about running out for a little while.
  • This weapon can set enemies on fire, further increasing its damage.

Counters Edit

  • It takes 3.2 seconds to reload, attack the user while they are vulnerable.
  • It has a rather low mobility, so this weapon isn't ideal for chasing an enemy over long distances.
  • Use a strong sniper to quickly eliminate the user quickly.
  • Use an area damaging weapon to making it more difficult for the user to shoot you.

Images Edit

In use:


Aiming down the sight:


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