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The Headshot Bonus is the Tool gadget by MatthewGo707.




  • Damage Boost Headshot Bonus = Deals more additional points (depending on the percentage) when the enemy is hit in the head by the weapon. However, as for this gadget, this attribute allows your non-headshot weapons to have the headshot multiplier up to 2X>



  • Use this gadget if you wish to go for headshots for weapons without an ability to aim for headshots.
  • This is useful when utilizing weaker weapons.
  • This is useful when paired with area damage weapons (due to having no headshot multiplier) such as the following weapons:
    • Stinger
    • Armageddon
    • Signal Pistol
    • Destruction System
    • Thunder Spell
    • Alligator
    • Impulse Rifle
    • And even more!!
  • This is also helpful when paired with Smart Bullet Bazooka, but be sure to maintain the distance to avoid suicide and self-damage.
  • If you wish to perform headshots using an area-damage weapons, you have to:
    • Maintain the distance so as not to hurt yourself.
    • Time your shots to be able to score a headshot.
  • This is useless for weapons that already have a headshot ability.
    • This is no longer the case as of the 15.8.0 update.


  • If you notice that enemies receive twice the damage of the AoE weapon, you can notice that he is using this gadget.
  • The Ballistic Shield is a perfect encounter against enemies except if he attacks you from behind.
  • Be aware that Impulse Rifle can score a headshot despite having area damage if the user of this weapon is paired with this gadget.


  • This is the only gadget that grants the all non-headshot weapons the headshot multiplier.
  • In the 15.8.0 ipdate, it is now given an ability to give 2X headshot multiplier for headshot weapons as well.