The Hailstorm Rifle Up1 is a Sniper added in the 12.X.X update. It is the second upgrade of the Hailstorm Rifle.

Appearance Edit

The weapon takes the form of a marksman rifle. It has a grey/black stock, handle and trigger.

On the body, it features a grey/blue receiver, magazine, scope as well as a long grey handguard with light blue front iron sights at the front of the handguard.,

The weapon also features a massive black barrel that slides back when it fired.

Strategy Edit

Tips Edit

  • Aim for the head to maximise damage.
  • Stay hidden and out of sight of the target and take potshots while hiding behind cover when reloading or evading the target.
  • Switch to another weapon with a higher mobility.
  • Be wary of the low capacity; reload when in cover.

Counters Edit

  • Try evading the user by jumping/running around.
  • When hit, try to move out of the way until the effects wear off.
  • Attack the user when they are reloading.

Attributes Edit

6x Scope

Armor Piercing: (when hit, the enemy's armor is -15% less effective until armor is restored, and projectiles will pierce through 1 additional enemy with -5% less effectiveness than before)

Slows Down Target: (Slows down enemy at -10% it's original speed for 3 seconds.

Note: Effects DO NOT stack up

Upgrades Edit

Hailstorm Rifle Up2

Theme Edit


Supported Maps Edit

  • Sniper Forts
  • Mansion Lockdown
  • Ice Palace

Weapon Setups Edit

Have a weapon with a higher mobility, and fire rate to deal with any enemies up close, or to finish them off.

Trivia Edit