The Gun Turret is a Tool gadget created by BastionMann. This gadget is a Bastion's last creation of 2018 and Bastion's last conception to be posted in this wiki.


It looks identical to the regular Turret. However, it has gray color and the machine gun turret has changed to the cannon turret.


  • Slightly short deploying time than Turret.
  • Shoot the hit-scan 105mm cannon. Which is fast and deal area damage.
  • Registered the headshot damage.
  • Has more health than regular Turret.


  • Long cooldown.
  • Slow rate of fire.
  • Inaccurate.
  • Not effective against players with jumper set.

Strategy Edit

Tips Edit

  • A turret can be placed in a central area where players commonly or must traverse, this can easily take down large amounts of enemies.
  • If placed near player spawns the Gun Turret can easily earn many points by killing them quickly as soon as they spawn.
  • If the turret starts shooting at a player, it will keep on firing until its target dies or moves out of its range.

Counters Edit

  • Keep in mind that this turret has slow rate of fire and inaccurate. Try jumping as much as possible while destroying the turret.
  • Destroy Gun Turrets from long ranges. Preferably with a high-damage weapon.
  • Activate the Stealth Bracelet. Gun Turrets won't be able to see you upon activation, so you have a chance on taking down Gun Turrets with ease.


  • It is confirmed that Bastion will quit making conceptions.