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The Daredevil is the Backup weapon by MatthewGo707.


  • It is a dual-wielded machine pistol with 20-round clip each.


It has high damage, high fire rate, low capacity and better mobility.


  • This weapon is an automatic weapon and should be treated as such.
  • Due to the high rate of fire, it is recommended to use this weapon in short to mid range confrontations.
  • Practice aiming and pausing for quick kills.
  • Spraying is a good strategy for more slippery enemies, it may slow down the time to kill but constant dodging will be ineffective.
  • If a player stops moving quickly close in for the headshots, they will have little time to react.
  • If you need to pick someone off at a longer distance, use a burst fire technique.
  • Useful for tearing down enemy armor.
  • Useful for picking off weakened opponents.
  • This weapon is an excellent choice for fighting very mobile players.
  • With sufficient training one can estimate where a sprayed bullet might go and direct the weapon as to it, this greatly minimizes the chances of wasted ammo and increases viability in long range matches.


  • This weapon does not fare as well in long range. So pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Area-damage weapons can make short work of its users, avoid getting very close.
  • Quickly retreat if you see one at close range since it will likely wreck you.
  • Keep in mind that its users can ambush you at any moment. You should be careful if you want to stay alive.
  • If you must attack directly, attack with the support of teammates, but fan out, as if you group together, the high rate of fire can shred you all.

Firing soundEdit

  • Dual Machine Gun's

VS Dual Machine GunsEdit

  • Advantages
    • Higher fire rate.
    • Slightly improved accuracy.
  • Neutral
    • Skill is required.
  • Disadvantaged
    • Has 40 rounds.