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The Cyborg Chainsaws is the melee weapon by MatthewGo707.


  • It seems to be two chainsaw blades attached to the player's arm. It retracts/changes into the player's arms whenever the player wishes to release the fire/attack button.


It deals massive damage, high attack and high mobility.


  • This weapon makes a very loud noise so do not needlessly use it so you will not alert your foes.
  • Strife around the foe while attacking.
  • This weapon deals damage constantly (Hence the "Chainsaw" Attribute), so chasing players down while holding down the "fire" button is a good way to kill players.
  • Get in close to the desired target, as the chainsaw blades don't have that much range.
  • Pair these with the Berserk Boots or the Maniac Mask to increase your speed while holding this weapon to get to targets quicker. The Great Samurai Helmet also helps.
  • You would typically want to use this as you would with a Meat Grinder, since the two weapons have similar attack speeds and ranges.


  • Ambush these players from behind or catch them off guard.
  • If you see someone with hands be aware of them for they are dangerous.
  • Disorient player with area-damage weapons like the Adamant Bomber.
  • Shotguns and area damage weapons can make short work of its users.
  • Great Survival Tip: The Cyborg Chainsaws makes an extremely loud sputtering sound, so you know when a user is nearby.
  • DO NOT ENGAGE IN CLOSE COMBAT WITH THIS WEAPON'S WIELDER. They will quickly kill you if you do so. Instead, use a longer-range weapon such as Eva or Anti-Hero Rifle to kill them from long range.


  • Chainsaw Sword's


  • Cyborg-themed


  • Melee Melee
  • Chainsaw Chainsaw
  • Bleeding Bleeding


  • This, and the Cyborg Hands is the first weapon in the primary section to grand invisibility to players for a while.
  • It is essentially the melee version of the Cyborg hands.
  • This, and its sibling is the only weapon (Currently in the 14.0.0 update) in the game to be able to be disguised as arms and has the aesthetics that this weapon has.
  • Parts of the weapon take the look of the player's skin (top of the scope, back top corners, bottom arms.)
    • Ironically, the front arm skins on the player are reversed (left to right, right to left) when using this weapon, similar to the Shotgun Pistol.
    • The player's armor, if the sleeves are long enough, will also be "rolled back" to allow for these weapons to be used.