The Clifford is a Heavy weapon introduced and created by Ender Creeper14 on July 19, 2017.

Appearance Edit

It is a red bazooka with a black paw on each side of the weapon. It has a grip located towards the back and a trigger towards the front of the weapon. It also has a green sight on the left side.

Strategy Edit

It has extremely devastating damage, low fire rate, low capacity, and average mobility. This weapon has a unique attribute called "Environment Effector". This attribute allows this weapon to destroy any part of the environment that is within its blast radius for 5 seconds. This weapon can only be obtained from the Favourite Champions Event, making this launcher a very difficult weapon to obtain.

Tips Edit

  • It has a 4x scope, use it to attack enemies at further ranges.
  • This weapon has a large AoE (area of effect), so keep your distance when using it as you can be killed in the blast radius.
  • It takes 1.1 seconds to reload the launcher, so you may be able to afford to miss a shot.
  • If your enemy is hiding behind a wall, use this weapon to temporarily clear the wall and eliminate your opponent.
  • The rockets fly at a high speed, so this weapon can be used for longer ranged combat.
  • Take advantage of its strength, as it can 1-shot enemies.

Counters Edit

  • Use a long ranged weapon such as a sniper to eliminate the user.

Function Images Edit

  • What it would look in-game:
  • Aiming down the 4x sight:
  • The rocket it shoots:
  • The other side:

Clifford Images Edit

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