Bullpup pump action shotgun. Able to charge up shots for a larger and deadly spread.
—Weapon description

The Charge Shotgun is a Primary weapon added in the 12.X.X update as part of the Snipers vs. Shotgunners update.

Appearance Edit

It takes the form of a bullpup shotgun, with a black/grey stock with red/white decals on the side and a red magazine at the bottom in between the butt of the stock and pistol grip.

It also has a grey body with red decals, a whitish-grey pistol grip, and a red trigger.

The weapon also has a white/grey handguard, a railed pump at the bottom, a rail at the top of the handguard, as well as two light grey internal magazine tubes and a grey barrel with a red muzzle at the tip of the shotgun.

When fired it releases a spread of red laser depending on how long it has been charged, it ranges from a small spread of lasers to a massive spread of lasers.

Strategy Edit

It can deal moderate to massive damage, with a moderate fire rate, a large ammo capacity and decent mobility

A well-placed high-max charge to the head can kill heavily armored players in one shot.

Tips Edit

  • A user could spam the non-charged shots when at very close range; the overall damage from each shot that hit can destroy armored players.
  • When fully charged, it can suppress enemies in tight corridors, such as the hallway in Silent School.
  • Strife around while charging for a shot.
  • Aim at center-mass when dealing with multiple enemies.
  • It is also effective with killing flying enemies if they are in close proximity.

Counters Edit

  • Use a sniper rifle to kill the user.
  • Avoid tight hallways if the user can be seen there, instead, flank the user.
  • Stay as far as possible from the user.

Attributes Edit


Charge Shot:

  • No charge/ 0 seconds held: fires a small blast with limited range and mediocre damage - 2 shots are used
  • Low charge/ 0.1-1.2 seconds held: fires a larger blast with limited range and mediocre damage - 5 shots used
  • Medium charge/ 1.3-1.8 seconds held: fires an even bigger blast with a longer range and average damage - 7 shots used
  • High charge/ 1.9-2.7 seconds held: fires a very large blast with an even longer range and high damage - 10 shots used
  • Max charge/ 2.8 seconds held: fires an extremely large blast (covering the hallway of Silent School) with a very long range and massive damage - 15 shots used


Upgrades Edit


Theme Edit

Futuristic theme

Supported Maps Edit

  • Silent School
  • Area 52 Labs
  • Shotgun Wedding

Weapon Setups Edit

This weapon serves well for a team player play-style when paired with area damage weapons; its shots work well for defending certain objectives as well for area denial.

Trivia Edit

  • It is somewhat based on the Kel-Tec KSG shotgun.
    • Unlike the Pixel Gun 3D's version, the real life version is not magazine-fed.