Here, take this.
—Zero Mega Gun

The Cancerous Champion Mega Gun is a Primary weapon introduced in the 69.420.666 update. It can only obtained from Minecraftian's and Zero Mega Gun's vault of secret weapons.

 Appearance Edit

It is a reskin of the Mega Gun and Sub-zero.

It is a futuristic rifle which has a dark silver barrel, a red trigger, a black pistol grip, a dark red/black grip, a dark silver and red shoulder stock, and a silver 4x scope. The projectiles look like smaller versions of the Champion Solar Cannon.

Strategy Edit

It deals massive damage, capable of killing a max armored player with one hit directly, or two hits while in the radius of the projectiles. This is paired with its extremely high fire rate, magazine capacity, and mobility.

Tips Edit

  • It is the perfect weapon to counter every player, including hackers.
  • It's the only real weapon to counter Anne Marie Lindholm's Orbital Shield.
    • Even despite this, Lindholm survives its rounds because she's that.
    • It can also be used to counter enemies with Rescue Hero-size feet.
  • Its combined powers with Zero Mega Gun's creation skills and Minecraftian's creativity can counter any mediocre weapons and Kolibri SMG's.
  • The cancer is at Stage V, meaning anyone that survives its rounds is dead in seconds.
  • This ain't it chief.

Counters Edit

  • Don't bother running, it's too late to avoid the projectiles.
  • If you have Rescue Hero-sized feet that has needle guns, the weapon will kill you without firing.

Attributes Edit

  • Automatic
  • 4x Zoom
  • Area Damage
  • Joke Weapon

Upgrades Edit


Theme Edit

Cancer themed.

Supported Maps Edit

Every map.

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