Weapons are known to be the vital items in Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World. They can be bought in the Armory of both games. There are currently 6 types of weapons: Primary, Backup, Melee, Special, Sniper and Heavy. They are the main reason why both Pixel Gun games are first person shooter games. All of the Modes in both Pixel Gun games, and some Minigames in Pixel Gun 3D permit the use of weapons. There are exactly 63 weapons that exist in both games.

Weapons in both games are generally used to kill players and to win matches. Weapons in each category may act differently, such as Primary weapons could deal low damage per bullet and have a high fire rate, or Sniper weapons could deal high damage, but with a low fire rate.

Once a player taps/clicks on the fire button, a bullet goes away. Weapons can retain ammunition if a player pick up ammunition packs often. Once a player sprays and prays, bullets go away quicker, possibly resulting into running out of ammunition. If a bullet goes to another player, that player will take damage, or could possibly die if that player was either low on health, or the weapon is just efficient enough to take out a player in one hit.

In this wiki, it lists weapon conceptions instead of the currently existing weapons in Pixel Gun. Weapon conceptions are fan-made weapons for the games. Custom attributes can be seen here.


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