The "Corrupted Cargo Loader" also known as "Cargo Loader" is the boss in The Lost of the Dark Matter Event.

Appearance Edit

It is a loader mech that has been corrupted by a Dark Matter. Its body was corrupted by the Dark Matter mess. It has 1 eye, a yellow body, a mutated arm, a mechanical arm wielded a machine gun, 3 mechanical legs and a mutated front-right leg.

It also has a rocket launcher from its mess.

Behavior Edit

It will moving towards the player(s), when it is at a certain distance. It will attacks to the player(s) with 2 abilities.

  • Physical Attack: The primary attack. It will shoot the player(s) with its machine gun.
  • Explosive Attack: The secondary attack. It will launches 2 rockets to the player(s) deal very high damage.

Trivia Edit