Bolt-action anti-material rifle. Deadly at long range, and decimates targets when hit at head.
—Weapon description

The Brutal Headhunter Mk. II is a Sniper weapon added in the 12.X.X update as part of the Snipers vs. Shotgunners update.

Appearance Edit

The weapon has a brown skeletal stock, receiver, magazine, handguard, and scope mounted on top. It also features a grey pistol grip a black trigger, a folded bipod, and a grey barrel with a grey compensator.

There is also blood red decals on the body on the weapon, and the red scratches on the handguard, as seen on a normal Brutal Headhunter.

Strategy Edit

It does massive damage, but has a somewhat of a low fire rate, a low capacity, and decent mobility. It can two-shot kill heavily armored players in the body and one to the head.

Tips Edit

  • Aim for the head for an instant kill.
  • Due to the low ammo capacity, conserve shots and reload when out of the combat.
  • Hotswap to another weapon to avoid the firing animation.
    • However, the bolt rotation animation will still play out.
  • Finish off weakened users with a fast firing weapon.

Counters Edit

  • Try to attack users at close range; the bolt rotation animation can buy some time to deal damage before they are able to use the weapon again.
  • Use area damage weapons to kill users.
  • If engaged in a sniper battle, take cover behind objects.

Attributes Edit

10x Scope

Piercing Shot

Upgrades Edit


Theme Edit


Supported Maps Edit

Weapon Setups Edit

Have a fast firing weapon to deal with enemies up close.

Trivia Edit

  • It is based on the Barrett M98B sniper rifle.
  • The weapon seems to be an indirect upgrade of the Brutal Headhunter, as well as a spiritual successor.
  • It is the only sniper rifle that doesn't skip the entire bolt rotation animation, as seen when a player quickly switches to another weapon, and back to the weapon.
    • This could be done for balancing reasons.
  • In the 14.3.0 update, it got a design, now featuring a more earth brown colour, as well as blood stains on the weapon.
  • In the 14.4.0 update, its efficiency was buffed to 24.