• JustLeafy

    FANDOM is truly known as the biggest source of information for franchises, games, movies, artists and much more. It also has fanon wikis for shooting games and games in which have attacks and all of that. However, you might've never known the truly most overpowered weapons and attacks on FANDOM, have ya? Well, here are the top 10 most overpowered weapons:

    Top 10 most OP weapons on FANDOM:

    No. Name Franchise Description
    10 City Wiper Pixel Gun Fanon It is a nuclear themed rocket launcher that shoots an H-Bomb with a blast radius of 8.57375e+62 meters. It was created by MatthewGo707.
    9 Arirang's Revenge Pixel Gun Fanon It is an automatic sniper rifle, created by UberMillennium RailgunPro, that has high damage, a high fire rate and a high capacit…

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  • Wolfboy231

    This Blog Post shows what plans I have for future weapons, maps, gadgets, and pets.

    • Unamed Futuristic Cloud City Themed Map.
    • Unamed Underground Map.
    • Unamed School Map.
    • Unamed Motel Map.
    • Unamed Hotel Map.
    • Unamed Mall Map.
    • TBA

    • Unamed Reskin Disabler.
    • Unamed Remote Control Helicopter.
    • TBA

    • Unamed Primary Reskin-Destroyer Weapon.
    • Unamed Primary Weapon.
    • Unamed Melee Weapon.
    • Unamed Heavy Weapon.
    • TBA
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  • Minecraftian47

    Where was Centurion Armament after Operation: Tempest? (aka me with my Pimp My Gun)?

    Designing a new weapon series for Centurion Armament; with a universal receiver for any purpose.

    A light machine gun developed for extreme conditions. Fires Shred-R Ballistic Rounds; which pierces through armor.

    Holographic Sight made by Epicsunrise.

    A semi-automatic sniper system with an intergrated suppressor, and a special scope which highlights targets at medium range.

    A service rifle for Centurion Armament, equipped with a 40mm grenade launcher that fires smart grenades, which detonates upon contact with an enemy.

    The Shadowmaker MG and the "Shadowstrike" will be part of the Legionnaire Event Set; an armor set that is currently under development. The Shadow…

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  • MatthewGo707

    Demolition Shotgun

    December 9, 2017 by MatthewGo707

    The Demolition Shotgun is fixed.


    • Added the comparison between the Demoman.
    • Added more tips and counters.
    • A little bit of details are added.


    - MatthewGo707.

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  • Minecraftian47

    As part of an early concept I had in 2014/2015 when Battlefield Hardline was still in beta, here are the list of concepts that are part of the 14.2.0/4.2.0 update as the update list is getting kinda filled, as well as a brief description:

    • .223 Justice - bolt-action sniper rifle with armor piecing capabilties
    • Bad Surgeon - automatic PDW with Anti-Regen/Healing capabilities
    • Police Baton - melee baton with Knockback
    • Riot Shield - assault-style riot shield mainly used for defense
    • Secret Forces SMG - modular submachine gun with an interrgrated suppressor
    • Sheriff's Piece - bullpup shotgun that can fire slug rounds
    • Shockwave - multi-shot non-lethal weapon that can stun targets
    • Taser - compact electroweapon that shocks targets
    • Tear Gas Launcher - single-sh…

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  • BastionMann

    This is not finished yet. I sometimes wanted to show this thing.

    The Half-Life: Weapon Edition is a Russian modification for 1998 video game Half-Life.

    This mod is inspired my idea of any weapon concepts. (well, some...)

    This mod has some weapons that based off of from other media (such as Unreal Tournament, Serious Sam, etc.)

    The images coming soon...

    A portable medkit for healing teammates and poison enemies.

    The most iconic weapon in the game.

    It is a chainsaw.

    It is a blow torch which used to repair the turret. Also, it has a vodka. :D

    It is a Star Wars lightsaber with a space blaster.

    A regular Glock 17 with a laser sight. This weapon can dual wield.

    A green-camo USP. It has a suppressor.

    It is a Desert Eagle with a laser sight and an ACOG sight.

    It i…

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  • BastionMann

    Italic means completed.

    Weapons Completed

    1. Verrater (Dual Walter PPKs)
    2. Beherrschung (Gewehr 43)
    3. Schlachtangst (dagger-like sword)

    1. Voltage Nagant (Mosin-Nagant)
    2. "Tokarev" (TT pistol)
    3. Red Carbine (PPS)
    4. Mother Russia (RPG-16)

    1. "Breny" (Bren Gun)
    2. Trench Machine Gun (STEN Gun)
    3. Sleepy Agent (Welrod)

    1. Trench Shotgun (Winchester 1897)
    2. Heavy Browning (M1917 Browning)
    3. Tank Killer (M18 Recoilless Rifle)

    1. Poisonous Gas Grenade
    2. Bouncing Betty
    3. Stealth Mine

    1. Mount Cannon

    1. Trench Mask
    2. Battlefield Helmet
    3. Battlefield Cape
    4. Battlefield Boots

    1. Armored Bear (Grizzly bear)
    2. Armored Dog

    1. Safehouse
    2. Bunker
    3. Battle Fortress

    1. Germany Flag
    2. Soviet Flag
    3. UK Flag
    4. US Flag
    5. Military Crates
    6. Weapon Mount

    1. Artillery
    2. Communication Radio
    3. Radar Tower

    1. Collapsed Village

    1. Rainy Battlefield

    1. Battlefield (Team/Deathmatch)
    2. Sky Walker (Team/Flag)
    3. Last M…

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  • BastionMann

    MagicalVoxel 0.98

    July 23, 2017 by BastionMann

    Tips:Before taking a screenshot. You have to disable the (BG) background, frame and (GD) ground to take a transpant screenshot.


    MagicaVoxel 0.98:

    Extra Combat Rifle and Brave Patriot templates:

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