World-class bolt action sniper rifle developed for long range combat. .300 Ranger Ordinance Minotaur Magnum rounds capable of piercing though armor and multiple targets.
—Weapon description

The Arctic Sniper is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 16.4.0 update.

Appearance Edit

It appears as a bolt action sniper rifle with an arctic winter camo.

It has a black/winter camo folding stock with a monopod and a checkrest connected to the main body. It also has a black receiver integrated into the body with a dark grey ejection port, bolt, and a black 10x scope mounted on top. Underneath, it has a black magazine. On the front of the weapon, it has a long black barrel with a black muzzle.

Strategy Edit

It deals devastating damage, this is paired with a moderate fire rate, low capacity, and decent mobility.

Tips Edit

  • It is capable of killing endgame armored players with 1 headshot and 2 body shots.
    • It is also capable of killing Crystal armored players with one body shot, making it effective in gamemodes such as Siege where level brackets do not matter.
    • Due to this, aim for the head to maximize the damage.
  • Because it is a sniper, go into long range maps such as Sniper Forts or D-Day for the best game-play.
  • As always, don't stand still while shooting.
  • Use weapons that slow the opponent down so you can easily shoot them.
  • The bolt rotation is somewhat moderate, meaning if in a head on battle against an enemy,
  • Take the time to aim first if locked in a sniper duel, then strafe around while moving as the high mobility allows you to decrease the chances of getting hit.
  • Keep an eye out for ammo pickups as sniping from one position will quickly drain the capacity of the weapon.
    • Alternatively, use an Ammo Pack to gain one extra magazine during a match.
  • Due to its Piercing Shot attribute, use this against a group of enemy players. Line up your crosshairs to where each player is behind the other and fire.
  • The weapon can be used to weaken enemy players' armors, leaving them to their health points.

Counters Edit

  • Make it hard for users to hit you by strafing around if engaged in a sniper brawl.
  • Area damage and shotguns make quick work of users.
  • Avoid getting into the line of sights of users, try opting for alternative paths or indoor areas.
  • Strafe the shots as much as you can.
  • Use weapons like the Frozen Dragon and get behind the user to destroy them quickly.
  • Try to get into close-ranged combat with a shotgun or a fast firing weapon.
  • Take out users when they are reloading.
  • Use an area damage weapon to throw off the user’s aim.
  • Try to attack when the user is either reloading or when they fired off their shot.

Attributes Edit

  • Single Shots
  • 10x Zoom
  • Piercing Shot
  • Armor Piercing: Deals 30% more damage to armor with a 12% damage penalty to health points.



Theme Edit

Winter themed.

Supported MapsEdit

  • Sniper Forts
  • Train Robbery

Weapon SetupsEdit

This weapon can be an effective all-purpose sniper for all builds. Make sure to use a Primary or Backup weapon when dealing with enemies at close range.

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