The Apartment is the first map introduced in Wolf's Fully Updated (and Better) Campaign Mode!

Plot Edit

Emilia Blockson wakes up to a loud bang from outside her apartment. She looks outside and realizes that the Infection began. The monsters break into the apartment, and now Emily must fight her way through to find safety.

Appearance Edit

The player spawns in a four story apartment building, (with Emily being on the fourth floor). The building is very dull, being made of bricks that are slowly losing color. There are multiple windows (which can be broke), and main entrance doors on the first floor. The interior of the first floor is very neat and tidy, with a main desk, some seats, plants, and two open areas leading to the first floor rooms. The rest of the floors are more or less the same. They have multiple rooms, with few having infected in them. Some rooms have weapons that Emily can take.

Outside, it gets a bit worse. To the left of the apartment building, the area is fenced off to stop more infected from worsening the situation. There is a crashed car located outside, like in the comic before the chapter began, and the street lights are still functioning. There are multiple buildings that vary in types. At the end of the street that Emily walks through, there is another fence, however, a deli is on the right. Inside is a giant hole created by an explosion of some sorts, leading to a basement. Inside the basement is a small room, where Emily can hide in, and complete the chapter.

Strategy Edit

Use Emily's pistol to your delight, as it is the only weapon in the game to have infinite ammo, (not including the Overload, which has a cooling system rather than bullets). If you can find a sniper rifle, (being a very rare weapon to find in this chapter), go inside a room facing the outside road, and pick off infected one by one, so you don't have to deal with them later. Look inside every room on the floors to find weapons, as Emily only starts out with her pistol.

Trivia Edit

  • None for now.