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The Anti-Hero Shotgun Mk,II is the Primary weapon by MatthewGo707.


  • It appears to be a reskin of the Military Shotgun with dark gray as the main color. Some details of the weapon are purple and green. There's also a big green crystal that acts as the barrel of the gun, sticking outwards.


The Anti-Hero Shotgun Mk.II is a very efficient weapon and it's considered one of the best shotguns in Pixel Gun due to its high damage and large hit box.


  • Aiming for the opponent's head is always recommended, but this weapon can damage the enemy badly with body shots, too.
  • It is possible to use this weapon for medium-range combat too. This technique requires more skills.
  • The Anti-Hero Shotgun Mk.II shoots a laser capable of passing through walls. This is useful when the target hides in small shelters.
  • If each pellets hit someone using this weapon, chances are the enemy is at low health. Finish the enemy off using another primary weapon.
  • Equip gadgets with X-Ray Vision to detect hiding enemies and maximize its Wall Break.


  • Attack the user when he is reloading.
  • Using explosive weapons will make the enemy fall from his/her sniping area or disorient him/her. It could also kill him or her.
  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Do not stop moving and continue to strafe around users close by, especially in bigger maps, such as Ant's Life.
  • Always carry an other gun that carries a lot of ammo, since this doesn't carry a lot of ammunition.

Firing SoundEdit


  • Superheroes-themed


  • It is based on the South Korean Daewoo Precision Industries USAS-12 Combat Shotgun.
    • It borrows several aspects from Atchisson Assault Shotgun such as the design itself.
    • In real life, the automatic version of this weapon is reserved only for the military users, while the semi-automatic counterpart is for civilian users.
  • The green crystal embeded in the weapon may be a reference to the Kryptonite, a fictional material from the Superman Universe that reduces the hero's strength and power.
  • It is given "Particle Break" in 15.0.0 update.