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The creator of this concept wants this content to appear both in Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World.
Both PG
The "Supermax" is the Primary weapon by MatthewGo707.


  • It is a bullpup machine gun with the 4X scope.


It deals great damage, fire rate, average capacity and good mobility.


  • Aim at the head to deal more damage.
  • It can drain its ammo quickly at a fire rate and capacity like its, so try using the burst method or weaken the enemy first to save enough ammo.
  • If you're in close combat, run and get a bit of range so you can hit the target more easily.
  • It is very effective against mobile targets long the shots were paired with precision.
  • When using the scope, it is great at long ranges as long as you're not too close.
  • If fighting a target with an area-damage weapon, keep a distance from them so their projectiles are easier to dodge.
  • When engaging in long ranged battles, use the scope for maximum accuracy and more effective shots.


  • Strafe at medium range for easy and up-close shots against the enemy.
  • Explosive weaponry can easily defeat its users.
  • Due to its average ammo capacity, wait till the user is reloading, then gun them down.

Firing soundEdit

  • Marksman's


  • Futuristic-themed