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The "Maelstrom" is the Backup weapon by MatthewGo707.


It is a dual-wield shotgun pistol with the cylindrical 16-round magazine. It has the 2X scope attahced to each weapon.


It deals massive damage, good fire rate, OK capacity and strong mobility.


  • Get in close to your opponent any chance you get. A few well placed shot at near point-blank range can deal a large amount of damage, especially with a headshot.
  • Despite having a 2X scope, this is not enough as this is a shotgun.
  • Due to having a mobility of 130, this can be used to move about at faster speeds than most Back Up weapons, so use this for hit-and-run tactics to deal damage and get away as fast as possible.
  • Because of the bullet spread, try avoiding using this weapon in longer-ranged battles, as it will deal little, if any, damage to enemy players because it is close range.
  • The "Maelstrom" has high reload speeds, meaning you can get almost right back into battle after going through a single round.
  • This weapon can be used against melee users (due to the melee weapon's inferior range compared to any ranged weapons).


  • Avoid engaging its users in close range, as you will risk having heavy damage inflicted against you.
  • Stay on the move to avoid the bullet spreads to take little to no damage, then counterattack any chance you get.
  • The "Maelstrom" may have a high fire rate, but this means the user can also run out of ammo rather quickly, so evading its shots will result in people who use this more than other weapons running out of ammo.
  • Use other high damaging weapons such as the Laser Minigun as it is excellent in slaughtering enemy players using the Shotgun Pistol.
  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Play on large maps often.

VS Shotgun PistolEdit

  • Advantages
    • Has high fire rate, at 93.
    • Has high damage.
    • Scoped.
    • Has 130 mobility.
  • Neutral
    • A shotgun-based backup weapon.
    • Skill is required.
  • Disdvantages
    • Has limited range.


  • This is based on the South African Sentinental Arms Co. Armsel Striker combat shotgun, but in a pistol form, better known as "StrikerCMag".
  • This is the second backup weapon that is a shotgun.
  • This competes with Shotgun Pistol due to its sheer damage and mobility.
  • In real life, it is impossible to aim down sights using dual-wield scoped weapons
  • In the real world, it is VERY impractical to dual wield cylindrical-magaine shotguns as you need to constantly reload after all 4 shots are fired, you might need to let go of one shotgun to reload.