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• 10/3/2018

Need some help

How do I put my created weapon list under the weapon info?

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• 3/29/2018

My birthday

I am now 18 years old! :)

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• 3/25/2018

New attributes in my Gaming Headset wear

In the [ Gaming Headset], I have added new attributes = Both the trophy points reduction feature, and respawn cooldown feature (introduced in the 13.5.0 update) are nullified.

Gaming Headset
Gaming Headset Pixel Gun Conception Wiki
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• 2/25/2018


I guess, nobody is using Discussions for now, since we've Discord.
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• 2/22/2018

Introducing my new attribute...

New attribute by MatthewGo707 (for my future suggestion [[Ballistic Shield]] : Ballistic Shield = Acts like the Shield, but effectively ricochets ALL projectiles (including the wall-break and area damage projectiles). If the area damage projectile is about to hit directly to the shield with this feature, then the projectile will just simply rebound, deviating the user's desired effect. This advantage also applies to instant-travel time area damage projectiles wherein when it is hit to the shield, it will do the same as it was done by the travel time area damage projectiles. It is useful for deflecting the Wall Break projectiles as well, defeating the Wall Break's purposes. However, the weakness is that if the user is attacked from behind or was hit within the blast radius.

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• 10/29/2017

New logo for the wiki

How would you want for the logo in this wiki to look like?

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• 10/6/2017


You know the rules. Alright, start!

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• 10/5/2017


So for a long time now, we have had powers in Pixel Gun 3D, like gear/gadgets. But there were also POTIONS in one of the the previous updates. So I have made a decision to try and make Perk-A-Colas for a new game mode. Like Call Of Duty Zombies and the regular single player and Multiplayer modes.

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• 8/4/2017

MatthewGo707 told me to change my Bomber Shotgun?

You heard it correctly. I just want to discuss it peacefully, and settle this.

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• 7/19/2017

Chat War

This is not a sequel. Anybody wants to play Chat War in here?

Anyways, you guys pretty much know the rules, so start!

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• 7/19/2017

A little help

Dear Reader/Admins

I accidentally added a category as I effed up on trying to add an idea. Please help.

Thank you,


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